infrared surveillance system diagram

Security and Surveillance

Be confident in your night time security. Thermal imaging equipment is your complete, round-the-clock protection. It detects temperature differences and doesn't require any ambient light. Consequently, it is invisible to intruders, allowing security personnel to monitor their actions without their knowledge, protecting people and assets before they are exposed to danger. 


These Infrared Camera systems work best when paired with our Infrared Motion Detection and Tracking software,ThermoFind® and ThermaTect®.

A Safer World

US Infrared’s systems are designed and manufactured for applications in public safety, fire and rescue, industrial, security and transportation. Having pioneered infrared technology, our products continue to increase the safety or our neighborhoods, help rescue victims of accidents, monitor business facilities and assets and improve the safety of nighttime driving. In fact, with so many positive applications in so many areas of life, these infrared security systems keep us all just a little bit safer, and when you stop and think about it, can any of us afford anything less?

Compared with other technologies, thermal imaging offers a complete solution for common surveillance needs. Traditional lighting alone isn't terribly effective at highlighting intruders at a distance or hidden in brush and it calls attention to the facility. Lighting also indicates the direction in which security guards or cameras are looking, and just as importantly, where they are not looking. In addition, other night illumination surveillance methods become blinded by light blooms, see minimal distances and can be expensive to maintain. Thermal imaging resolves these problems that are common with other surveillance technologies and is quickly becoming a desired addition to security systems everywhere.

Site Security

Darkness can leave corporations and agencies vulnerable to intrusions and threats that often result in large scale catastrophes involving injuries to the public or to workers, direct or indirect financial losses, environmental damage, and loss of reputation or business viability. Sites are even more at risk when activities go easily undetected.Thermal cameras are the only surveillance eyes that allow a security team to confidently detect and identify activities in darkness and light. Whether they are installed for surveillance or handheld, thermal cameras can help security officers:

• See through pitch-black darkness

• Spot an intruder in most weather conditions

• Detect activities over long distance.


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