Marine and Coastal Infrared Solutions

For over twenty years, we have been pioneers in developing custom infrared and thermal imaging systems for surveillance and security platforms. With the introduction of the IR Radar series detection systems that incorporate either X or S band radar into the thermal imaging systems, combined with US Infrared, Inc's Thermatect/Thermofind software system, these solutions surpassed all the competition in thermal imaging marine and maritime surveillance systems.

These State-of-the-Art thermal imaging systems include high-end thermal imaging and visual cameras with integrated ground and/or sea based radar. An optional laser illuminator for enhanced night vision is offered with these systems. The radar options include GPS, electrical compass and internal smart card for displaying distance, location and latitude/longitude. The radar coordinates are transmitted to Infrared's Thermatect/Thermofind software for tracking.

Long Range thermal detection systems are available for shipboard, waterway, port, harbor, damn, river, and lake applications.

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With optional:

  • Auto Tracking
  • Gyro Stabilization
  • Radar Tracking
  • AIS ID and Tracking
  • Infrared Tracking


  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Advanced Thermal Imaging
  • Dual Image with Visual Camera
  • Full Motion Real-Time Video
  • Day or Night Full Image Resolution
  • Eliminates Need for Enhanced Light
  • Heavy-Duty marine Pan and Tilt
  • Thermostatically Controlled Heating/Cooling
  • Weatherproof Machine Enclosure
  • Radar - Slue to Cue
  • Integrates with all NMEA Output Radars

marine infrared radar system diagram

Sample radar integrated marine system.