IR 200 Marine Infrared Camera System



The IR 200 Marine System provides the most advanced thermal and visual detection for shipboard, waterway, port, and harbor applications. US Infrared Inc. offers this system with a variety of options that include auto-tracking, gyro-stabilization, radar-tracking, infrared and visual image tracking. Included is the IR Thermal Imager, a rugged marine grade pan and tilt and your choice of infrared lenses. Depending on lens selected, this system can detect a man-sized object at a distance of up to 3km. The IR Marine Systems optionally incorporate Furuno radars. These radars offer crystal clear target presentation with automatic gain, sea, and rain controls to deliver a noise-free presentation. The new Furuno 8252 radar features superb detection of even small targets at both short and long ranges. The radar system features enhanced auto tuning and anti-clutter controls. The IR ThermalGuard Marine System can provide you with a complete radar integrated infrared visual surveillance system.


  • Quick-change Camera Modules with True Plug 'n Play
  • Continuous 360 degree Pan Rotation
  • Radar Integration Available
  • Optional Radar Slew to Cue
  • Selectable Zoom
  • Full Motion Real Time Video
  • Sealed and Pressurixed Machined Enclosure
  • Optional Hand Controller
  • Optional Thermatect and Thermofind for thermal and motion detection
  • Optional visual camera add-on