ThermalGuard 100 MiniCore


The ThermalGuard 100 MiniCore is a Pan and Tilt Infrared Camera with IR MiniCore Technology. Featuring an advanced GUI for camera control and setup, this system is available in optional resolutions of 1024x768, 640x480, 320x240, and 160x120.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Border Patrol
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Marine
  • Logistic
  • Surveillance & Security


  • Available Resolutions: 640x480, 320x240
  • Advanced Graphical User Interface for camera control and setup
  • Analogue or Digital Output
  • Lowest Power Consumption of Any Infrared Camera on the Market
  • Simple Discreet Commands
  • Small Size, light weight, and low power
  • Two interfaces for communication & control; RS-232 and USB
  • Electronics Zoom, up to 8x 

Available Options

  • Optional Enclosures
  • Custom Sensor Integration
  • Complete Solar Protection with SunTect Technology
  • Additional custom optical, mechanical, and system electronics can be provided to users' specifications
  • Digital Output Camera Link Format
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Expedited Service, Technical Support

For more specifications and additional information, please contact us.