IR 2003 Medical System



This complete system provides accurate thermal images of body surface temperature. The system monitors temperatures and can be adjusted to set off alarms when a temperature exceeds a preset threshold. The camera is compact, rugged and can operate 24/7. The IR 2003 Medical System uses a simple Windows based interface software that is easily and successfully operated. The cost effective operation does not require constant operator monitoring with the exclusive image/IR 2003 alarm system. The IR 2003 medical System can provide you with a cost effective, easy-to-operate system for the monitoring and analysis of body temperature to prevent the proliferation of disease.


  • Uncooled Sensor Technology
  • Environmentally sealed housing
  • Temperature resolution of less than 0.25 degrees celsius
  • Germanium Optical System
  • User friendly, plug and play camera operation
  • Remotely Controlled


  • Entry & Exit Zone Body Temperature Surveillance
  • Airport Passenger Monitoring
  • Analysis at Control Points
  • Screening in Public Events
  • Industrial Engry Medical/Security Prevention
  • Hospital Monitoring
  • Business Employee Monitoring & Protection


  • Real-time Video Display on large flat-screen display
  • Selectable Color Palette
  • Selectable Temperature Threshold for Alarm
  • Visual Indication of Area of Alarm
  • Reporting of Temperature for Alarmed Region
  • Selectable Audible Alarm
  • Reporducible Accuracy within 0.5°C
  • Absolute Accuracy @ +/- 1°C
  • Temperature Data Reported
    • Minimum & Maximum of Scene
    • Threshold Temperature
    • Alarmed Region Temperature
  • Nonstop Operation

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