IR 200 Marine System



The IR 200 Marine System provides the most advanced thermal and visual detection for shipboard, waterway, port, and harbor applications. US Infrared Inc. offers this system with a variety of options that include auto-tracking, gyro-stabilization, radar-tracking, infrared and visual image tracking. Included is the IR Thermal Imager, a rugged marine grade pan and tilt and your choice of infrared lenses. Depending on lens selected, this system can detect a man-sized object at a distance of up to 3km. The IR Marine Systems optionally incorporate Furuno radars. These radars offer crystal clear target presentation with automatic gain, sea, and rain controls to deliver a noise-free presentation. The new Furuno 8252 radar features superb detection of even small targets at both short and long ranges. The radar system features enhanced auto tuning and anti-clutter controls. The IR ThermalGuard Marine System can provide you with a complete radar integrated infrared visual surveillance system.


  • Quick-change Camera Modules with True Plug 'n Play
  • Continuous 360 degree Pan Rotation
  • Radar Integration Available
  • Optional Radar Slew to Cue
  • Selectable Zoom
  • Full Motion Real Time Video
  • Sealed and Pressurixed Machined Enclosure
  • Optional Hand Controller
  • Optional Thermatect and Thermofind for thermal and motion detection
  • Optional visual camera add-on

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