Case Study - Campus Security


High-Tech Manufacturing Case Study


Having a highly effective security program in place is important for all businesses. For a leading high-tech company with worldwide revenues in the multibillion-dollar range the risk of having outsiders damage their inventory, steal sensitive competitive information or harm their employees was great.


This company’s large main campus required an integrated security solution incorporating:

  • Highly effective perimeter surveillance
  • Complete integration of an entire security program
  • Higher level of security solutions for manufacturing and warehousing areas since vandalism and crime are more of a threat to these buildings
  • Unobtrusive structures and systems to maintain professionalism of the campus
infrared campus security 


To find the best solution, the company brought together security expertise in a diverse team including an independent security consultant, a large security integration firm, an electric contractor and a thermal security dealer. The team worked together to implement an integrated complex security solution. Part of the solution involved implementing thirty-three infrared cameras around the buildings and perimeters requiring increased nighttime security. These were integrated with a motion detecting system allowing the security guards to be automatically alerted when unusual activities were detected. Each thermal camera detects movement up to 1000 feet; thereby, completely securing nearly 33,000 linear feet in both day and night.

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