Case Study - Utility Security


Energy Utility Case Study


The American population has become rightfully concerned about terrorist attacks, and of particular concern upon the utility infrastructure. Energy substations transmit power for areas thousands of miles wide, and one act of sabotage could blackout an entire national region indefinitely


A major utility company protecting thousands of miles of heavy populated land was searching for the best security solution for their substation. Like many other substations, they had the need to:

  • Visually monitor the entire perimeter from intruders
  • Stop activities before they start
  • Easily and quickly detect and identify any unanticipated activities
  • Minimize the attention drawn to their power facilities within a residential area
infrared utility security 


This utility substation found the best solution by implementing a series of thermal imaging cameras to cover the perimeter and integrating them with an existing CCTV network. With the thermal imaging solution, the security professionals were confident they would see any activity with their own eyes, since people and vehicles are easily detectable on thermal imaging systems in both daylight and complete darkness.

Results and Benefits

  • With the new infrared cameras, the guards could easily spot an intruder
  • They could identify specifics of the activities and the security team could quickly respond
  • Because no bright lighting was required, the residential neighborhood is pleased to minimize the visibility of the substation

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