Certified Infrared Inspection Survey

Our certified thermographers can assist you with identification and prevention of electrical, mechanical, and building energy problems. Thermal imaging is a time-proven and cost-effective technology. Click here to contact us for a consultation.

Building Envelope Analysis

Comparison of visible image to Infrared image

Moisture accumulation, missing insulation, thermal bridging and air leakage cause unique thermal profiles that are captured by thermal imagers.


Comparison of visible image to Infrared image

Monitor Panels, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, and Buswork; Motor Control Centers and Distribution and Transmission Systems; Motors Generators, Batteries and Power Supplies DC Systems and Circuits.

Predictive Maintenance

 Infrared image of powerline

Identifying and fixing electrical and mechanical problems can prevent disastrous failures, reduce downtime, and save lives, time and money.

Process Control

 Infrared image of machinery

Monitoring and observing temperatures of processes in real-time can save time and money by ensuring that they are operating safely and efficiently.

Quality Control

Examining prototypes and parts for potential heat related design deficiencies enables companies to release better and more durable products to the market.

Steam Systems

 Steam system

Steam traps, lines, radiators and convectors. Thermal imagers are ideally suited for assessments of steam heating processes. They can be used to follow pipe temperatures to the source of problems.