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Thermal Imaging Solutions,
& Used Equipment

For over 30 years, our team of engineers and technicians has developed practical solutions through the use of infrared and thermographic cameras and systems for private, military and commercial use, including land, marine and aerial based applications. 

Our team has extensive history with electrical and mechanical analysis, energy audits, emergency infrared services, as well as all categories of infrared training and certification. We are proud to note that we are highly regarded for our capability in theoretical evaluation and research, image processing, computer programming, image analysis and infrared engineering.

Our Industry Accomplishments include:

  • Participation in and conduction of research and applied engineering studies in advanced infrared technology worldwide, including academic, military, industrial, border and perimeter surveillance;
  • Provided infrared camera and dual-image thermal imaging systems for security operations and perimeter surveillance programs directed by the United States Secret Service for the Winter Olympics;
  • Under awarded contract by the United States Department of Energy and coordinated by Bechtel Hanford, we successfully engineered, developed and operated a thermal imaging system for liquid level detection in high radiation areas;
  • Engineered and Developed an Automated Computerized Hot Spot Thermal Detection System for railroad right-of-ways;
  • Automated Gyro Stabilized Thermal Imaging Radar Tracking System for Marine Mammal Detection for U.S. Navy.

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