Anti-Terrorism Infrared Solutions

infrared camera and boat

 US Infrared, Inc. offers handheld cameras and fixed or mobile thermal imaging systems. We are at the forefront of engineering and designing custom fixed or mobile thermal imaging systems for anti-terrorism solutions. Detecting by land, water, or air we can design a system to suit your specific needs. 

infrared images of harbor

 Thermal imaging systems are passive and non-intrusive, detecting day or night, in most weather, and over distances. No dangerous lasers or illuminating devices are needed which can give away your presence and location. As a result, they are invisible to intruders, providing early warning to security personnel, increasing reaction time, and allowing them to monitor their actions without their knowledge, protecting people and assets before they are exposed to danger.

 Our computer automated detection system, using US Infrared Inc.’s Thermofind™ software, features motion detection with audio visual remote alarm so that the operator does not have to continuously monitor the system to detect threats. Working in conjunction with Thermatect™, this one of a kind software package utilizes a unique process to first thermally detect intruders, vehicles, or boats with Thermatect™, then Thermofind™ tracks the movement. It is available in customized installation configurations including stand-alone and web-based intra- and internet with various warning system options. 



  • Borders
  • Nuclear Power Facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Harbors and Ports
  • Dams
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Parking Lots
  • Railroads
  • Agricultural Chemical Storage
  • Substations