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A wide range of thermal imaging solutions for you & your business

For over 30 years, our staff of technicians and engineers has worked with customers to find practical solutions for the use of infrared and thermographic cameras and systems. We pride ourselves on an extensive history with electrical and mechanical analysis, building audits, emergency infrared services and all categories of infrared training and certification.
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US Infrared, Inc. offers handheld infrared cameras and fixed or mobile thermal imaging systems. We are at the forefront of engineering and designing custom fixed or mobile thermal imaging systems for anti-terrorism solutions. Detecting by land, water, or air we can design a system to suit your specific needs.

Marine & Coastal

For over twenty years, we have been pioneers in developing custom infrared and thermal imaging systems for surveillance and security platforms. With the introduction of the IR Radar series detection systems that incorporate either X or S band radar into the thermal imaging systems, combined with US Infrared, Inc's Thermatect/Thermofind software system, these solutions surpassed all the competition in thermal imaging marine and maritime surveillance systems. 

Wildland Fire Detection

Unseen embers can escape detection and threaten new outbreaks. Hot spots can linger unobserved for days and then burst into flame again. Escape routes can be obscured all too quickly by flames, smoke and foliage. Firefighters have learned to rely on their senses, but that's not always enough. They need help seeing what their eyes can't see. That's why infrared thermal imaging has become such a vital tool in wild land firefighting, helping protect lives and property. 

Security & Surveillance

Be confident in your night time security. Thermal imaging equipment is your complete, round-the-clock protection. It detects temperature differences and doesn't require any ambient light. Consequently, it is invisible to intruders, allowing security personnel to monitor their actions without their knowledge, protecting people and assets before they are exposed to danger. 

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