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For over 30 years, Infrared, Inc. has worked with customers to find practical solutions through the use of infrared and thermographic cameras and systems for Land & Marine Based Applications. We pride ourselves on an extensive history with electrical and mechanical analysis, building audits, emergency infrared services and all categories of infrared training and certification.

Infrared, Inc. expanded our efforts to provide thermal imaging systems and software to the public and private sector throughout the world and have developed an expertise in working with international clients. This dynamic growth is based on our outstanding reputation and customer support. Infrared, Inc. personnel work one-on-one with our clients to solve problems and develop systems that meet the challenges and expectations of new applications. We pride ourselves on our ability to match products and services to our customer’s requirements.


Infrared, Inc. has conducted research and applied engineering studies in advanced infrared technology projects with military, industrial, border, perimeter surveillance, and academic applications. Our unique background provides us with exceptional capabilities in theoretical evaluation and research, image processing, computer programming, image analysis, and infrared engineering.

  • We proudly supported the 2002 Winter Olympics by providing infrared cameras and dual-image thermal imaging systems for the security operations and perimeter surveillance program directed by the United States Secret Service.
  • Under contract awarded by the Department of Energy and coordinated by Bechtel Hanford, Infrared, Inc. successfully engineered, developed, and operated a thermal imaging system for liquid level detection in high radiation areas.
  • In a joint venture with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, Infrared, Inc. engineered and developed an automated computerized thermal detection system for detection of hot spots along railroad right-of-ways, and for two decades has continued supplying these systems worldwide.
  • Infrared, Inc. conducted marine mammal detection programs for the U.S. Navy utilizing our automated gyro stabilized, thermal imaging radar tracking system. Numerous sea mammals were detected and classified from 3 miles to close proximity around the vessel.

Infrared, Inc.’s innovative approach to security and surveillance requirements involves both dual infrared and visual systems with computerized auto-detect thermal imaging and visual images. The systems are installed with optional hardwire, fiber optic or wireless configurations in stand-alone or multi-unit operations, in mobile, marine and land based applications.


Infrared, Inc. is dedicated to satisfying real customer needs and providing them with reliable high technology infrared and thermographic products and services that are practical and affordable.

Products & Services

Infrared, Inc. provides a diversity of electro-optic products for high technology applications, including thermography, infrared imaging viewers, covert surveillance, and software. Infrared, Inc. features quick response, product support, and quality service. We also provide worldwide factory training, testing and certification, and coordination and technical support for infrared camera and thermal imaging systems operations.