Process Control Infrared & Thermal Imaging Applications

Measuring Temperature with Infrared Technology Utilizing Thermal Imaging Cameras to control process and monitor quality and safety of plant equipment is a reality now more than ever. As with any technology cost is a driving factor as well as return on investment. Using Thermal Imaging Cameras for process control is not new to the commercial and industrial community.

Temperature is the number one form of measurement used in any process control application. As we get better at non-contact measurement and customers gain confidence, the technology will expand. Pressure and flow are also critical measurements as well, but temperature is far and away number one.

Thermal Imaging Cameras technology is used for a wide range of process control applications, rotary kilns, steel and glass production. Thermal Imaging Cameras are in use in practically every steel mill in the world.

  • Building Diagnostics
  • Electrical distribution/power generation
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Electronics
  • In plant electrical
  • Mechanical systems
  • Process monitoring and installations

Man monitors tank levels with infrared camera Infrared Camera shows hottest point of large pipes